Advanced Web Site

This kind of site has a number of advantages over the standard offering:

  • the site look and feel is automatically adaptable to the viewing device. These days, more and more people access the web site not just via computers, but via smartphones and tablets, too. It's important that the site is still easy to use even when the screen is much smaller.
  • the structure (menus and layout) are modifiable. You can add more menus and place them where you want.
  • the layout is more comprehensive and pictures and animations, like the header slide show and sponsors are automated and included.
  • Certain elements of look and feel, like fonts and colours, are also modifiable.

The site comes pre-built, ready to go, although, like in the case with the standard site, you must provide basic information. This is also done via simple, easy to use web forms and doesn't require any special expertise.

Just to cover it even better, there's a number of short movies, screencasts, with a live comment, that illustrate how to populate and maintain basic information about venues, club officials, regular sessions, publications, etc.

At the basic level a site like this doesn't require any special knowledge for maintenance. It's only if you want to make modifications, that you may need some knowledge or help.

Examples of the sites based on this concept: