If you need a new a Web site

  • your web address. This is where your members and visitors will find your new web site. The details are explained here.
  • a standard web site. This is a good choice for clubs that want things simple to manage, but with all basic ingredients mixed in. Read more about it here.
  • an advanced CMS (content management system) site. You get a prebuilt site out of the box, but you have no limits if you want to customise it. It also has more powerful features. Find out more about it here

Sometimes, it's not clear what's the right choice here. Read about factors to consider when deciding what kind of site you need.

For Everyone

  • event results management. This covers all the stages, from result uploads after scoring, to various forms of display. We host result index pages, from which the visitors can choose the result they want to see, and the result pages themselves. Read more here.
  • event calendar. This is a powerful tool for managing your club's special events. It handles not just the calendar display, but also online competition entry, calendar rollover, calendar export into mobile device. Read more.
  • partnership service. This is an automated service for publishing ads and matching players in your club who are seeking partners/teammates for your clubs sessions and competitions. This is a great feature that relieves club officials from this extra duty, provides an extra layer of privacy to players, and, most importantly, increases your club's table numbers! Read more here.