Getting started


If you haven't done that before, you can quickly check available services and their descriptions to get some idea what's on offer. Before you start, you need to check a few things:

  • system requirements. You need to check if your setup is compatible with our service. Primarily, it's about whether the scoring program you use is one we can handle. See this page for the list of supported scoring programs.
  • web site choice. Whether you want to keep the existing site or you want to go with the new site (see here for more information).

How Long Does It Take To Get It Going?

If you use ASE 8 (or later), Compscore or Compass, you need to install and configure the software for uploading the results. If you use ACBLScore, there is no setup. Scorebridge does not require any setup either - you just get a special email address to which you send your result file as an attachment.

If you are starting with a new standard web site, one can be set up for you within 1 hour. This includes your special web address, too. You would have to then fill in information specific to your club. This may take 30 min or more, if you have all club information ready.

If you opted for an advanced site, then you may need someone to spend about 1.5 hours working through a documented tutorial, that will result in an initial web site.

I Want To Try It Out, So Where Do I Go From Here?

First of all, all new clients are offered a free trial period. Free means zero cost to you if, after the trial, you decide this service is not useful to your club. So, your first step would be to contact the support, asking for a trial period. Please specify the name of the club/organization you're representing, the scoring program you use, and if you don't have a web site, which address/name for the web site you would like.

Have Questions?

If you have more questions, please contact the support.