Help For Administrators And Webmasters

The system has been reliably running for a number of years and very rarely causes problems. The most problems come from incorrect system use, program misconfigurations or hardware problems. The incorrect use is usually fixed early with new customers and from then on operations normally run smoothly.

Problems are frequently repeated with different customers. When this happens, we try to improve the documentation to make it clearer and easier to understand or to further simplify procedures. It is therefore useful to read the most common problems and solution listed below before asking us for help. It is also useful to carefully read the on-line manual to be sure that nothing was missed.

Sometimes you will hit a problem that hasn't been seen before. In that case, the last line of defense is to contact support via email.

We can't solve your hardware, Internet connection or scoring program problems, but can help you by diagnosing if the problem is there and give you some hints.

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