Event Calendar

Event Calendar is a tool for managing club events, typically competitions that are not part of the regular duplicate sessions. Some clubs have one or more weekly time slots reserved for such competitions, but competitions change over the year. In addition to competitions, other events, like lessons, club management meetings and alike, can be entered this way.

The main features are:

  • event index pages in the form of lists, weekly or monthly views. You can control how many future events to present, if you don't want all of them.
  • online entry to events. Conveners get notified of any changes to the participant list and the list of participants is automatically updated, so players can see who has already entered.
  • automatic messaging of any changes to event details to all registered participants.
  • event calendar can be imported into computers, smartphones and tablets, so that visitors get timely reminders to enter competitions, or when the sessions start.
  • the full calendar of events can be rolled over into the next year. In many clubs, where the set of events is more or less the same every year, this cuts out a lot of tedious work in producing an event calendar for the next year.