Results Management

Compatible Scoring Programs

We handle result uploads from the following scoring programs:

The support for other scoring programs may be added if there's a sufficient interest.

We also support hand dealing systems so that deals are displayed alongside the results. This is an optional part, if a club does not use predealt boards, results can still be uploaded.

If you're using electronic score input systems like Bridgemate, the extra information about contracts, dealers and opening leads can also be included in the result display.

Result Index Pages

Result index pages are the starting point for any user to find the result of interest. You can use one or more, to suit different needs. The choices are:

  • list type. This simply lists all events, with the latest one on top. You can choose among single session event index, multi session one (when the competition consists of several stages) or mixed.
  • date based. Events are grouped by the week or month and you move week by week or month by month. There's also an option to select results for only a specific day of week.
  • tournaments. This is suitable for large events that consist of many individual competitions. This index allows several comps to be grouped into one tournament, and then show the list of recent tournaments.

Result information

The same result information can be accessed and presented in many different ways to meet different tastes and needs when it comes to the level of detail. Full hand records are available, as well as ability to feed these into various hand analysis programs for a more detailed analysis. Where possible, access to online hand analysis and replay tools is also available.