Common Problems With Uploading Results

For results to appear on the web, 2 things must happen:

  • Result data must be created. Usually, just scoring the event is sufficient, but sometimes an extra step is required to produce the file for upload. This depends solely on the scoring program you use, so please check the instructions specific to your scoring program at online manual.
  • Result data must reach the remote server for processing.

Sometimes all works, but results are not there. Check the date you entered for the event. Maybe results are there, on the web, only not where you expect them.

The nature and types of problems you'll encounter depends largely of whether you're using an automated uploader, ShipResults, or you're using web admin interface to upload results.

ShipResults Common Problems

If you have problems using this program, please read on. If you can't find an answer or suggestion that would help, please email the details of your problem to support

If you think everything is OK, but results do not appear on the web site please follow the steps below.

Check if there are any result files first BEFORE sending

Use Windows explorer to check if there are any result files in the directory where ShipResults expects them. This directory was set up during ShipResults installation. If there are no result files, you may suspect:

  1. Nothing was scored - check with scorers/directors.
  2. Scoring program does generate files, but in a different directory. Change the results directory in the scorer's setup and try again.
  3. Scoring program does not generate files. This is a scoring program issue. Consult documentation and/or technical support for your scoring program.

Check your Internet connection

Internet connection needs to be ON for ShipResults to be able to send results to the remote server. Make sure, using your web browser, that you can access the Internet, and in particular, site.

Check the backup directory

After sending result files, ShipResults program moves them to the backup directory, which is under the configured results directory. If the result files are there, that means that ShipResults managed to send them off your scoring computer. In this case, you may suspect that something is wrong with the result files themselves. Normally, ShipResults would receive some feedback from the server if it rejected result files and possibly indicate the reason. The message would be notified to you as a baloon message from the taskbar. If you still can't understand why the results were rejected, please contact support.