Problems Viewing Result Pages

If you were directed to have a look at this page, you probably have a problem viewing result pages on your club's web site. You probably only started using the club's web site or, you may have installed or reconfigured your computer in a way that interferes with viewing of those pages. Please read carefully the rest of the page and if nothing of this works for you, please contact support.

Results Not Visible

There may be several reasons why you can't see the result pages, so you need to try and see which one applies to you.

Obsolete Web Browser

The reason why you have the problem is because your browser does not support some standards (from 1999) and you need to either upgrade your current Internet browser to a more recent version, or use a completely new browser. This is not as painful as it may sound. Don't be alarmed by the fact that maybe you just got a brand new computer; sometimes the software that comes with them is not all that new.

Some people with Apple Mac computers may experience this problem. The version of the Internet Explorer on Macintosh is obsolete. In this case, you need to change the browser. The recommended one is Firefox, which is currently No 2 browser on Internet, rapidly approaching Internet Explorer in popularity. You can download it from:

Other people using Macs have reported that Safari browser also worked. If you use Windows, simply upgrade Internet Explorer to version 7, or switch over to Firefox.

Firewall Software

These days, many people install various kinds of "firewall" programs that are meant to protect your computer from attacks from the Internet. The firewall is usually installed on your computer,
or sometimes it may be on the side of your Internet provider. The thing is, and it already happened in one case, the logic of these programs may be slightly flawed and they can classify the result pages as dangerous and ban access to them.

To check if this is the case, you may try to turn off the firewall temporarily and try to access the results. If you can see them now, then switch the firewall back on, and check how it was configured. Usually, there's a place where you can say that is a "friendly" or "trusted" site, and then your firewall will not ban access to it.

Pop-up Blockers

Some people install programs that prevent appearance of those annoying pop-up advertisements. Unfortunately, the presentation of results also depends on the ability to create a pop-up window. When you are on the index page, listing available results and then you click on the result you want to see, we create a pop-up window in which the result is presented.

To counter this problem, check your pop-up blocker program's manual and specify somewhere that you allow to create pop-ups. You may also have to put your club's web site on that list, too, just in case.